How do i choose the right car to buy?

The right car depends on who you are and what you expect from a car. Decide if you want to rent or buy. Consider other cars in the class. What to look for in a test drive.

Use a car search tool to adapt your needs and budget to the market. Before the inevitable “If I'm going to be T-struck by an idiot in a Navigator, I'd rather be in a Silverado than in a Mini Answer, consider that a shorter stopping distance could allow you to stop completely before either car in that scenario enters the intersection. A jumbo SUV like a Chevrolet Suburban or Ford Expedition EL has more cargo space, but passengers will find more comfort in a minivan. It's smart to keep your total monthly payment for car, insurance, fuel, maintenance, repairs, and registration at 20% or less of your net monthly payment.

Choosing the right car can seem confusing, but if you set a budget, consider fuel efficiency, and decide on a new or used car, you can make your decision easier. Lighter cars tend to be more agile and give you a better chance of getting away from a crash instead of grabbing the wheel, getting in at full speed, and letting physics punish the other driver. Driving a smaller, frugal car makes you look enlightened at least in college towns and Northern California. Of course, that doesn't necessarily have to be a deterrent if you know you're going to drive a car more than 60,000 or 100,000 miles, or if, in principle, you buy a fuel miser.

Driverbase offers personalized experiences that help drivers discover, research, compare, buy and sell cars online. Once you have an idea of the car you want, check the review websites to compare different makes and models and find one for you. Buyers of trucks that tow and carry heavy loads need a lot of power, but the average car buyer doesn't need more than they need to stay comfortable on a test drive. If you're having trouble comparing competing cars, you can use the Edmunds Compare Cars tool, which presents features and specifications in an easy-to-see table for side-by-side comparison.

Use your budget to analyze your options and decide between new and used, and avoid buying a car that has had many owners, which is usually a bad sign. Heavy cars and trucks get through deep snow better and behave more predictably, but they crash into a patch of ice, and that weight is just an extra boost to try to control it. With more than 1,400 deals closed and a 90% customer retention rate, Bryan's goal is to simplify the car-buying experience through transparency, fair pricing, and world-class customer service.